Mandy Burton

Mixed Media Environmental Artist

  • ” The world is a magical place. By pulling together and imagining a beautiful world, a beautiful world WILL be created.”   Mandy Burton 2015

  • The Loveliest Loo

    The Loveliest Loo tells of a girl’s unexpected discovery of a different kind of toilet, a compost toilet…. and one with a surprise!

    The Loveliest Loo will make you laugh as you ponder the most basic elements of life and how we regard them.

    A charming story about a beautifully simple way to conserve our natural resources.

    The striking black and white images are designed to be coloured using pencils.

    A unique colouring book for all ages 5 and above.

    “Its a great idea! I like the punk rock graphics” Chris Packham TV Presenter

    The 23 original collages that  illustrate The Loveliest Loo are available for exhibition.


    The issue of global soil depletion is largely being ignored, the United Nations declared 2015 The International Year of Soil to try to raise the profile of this urgent issue.

    I first learned about desertification and loss of top soil through industrial agriculture on my Permaculture Course back in 1992.

    The ‘Loveliest Loo’ is my attempt to raise this issue with the young, in a fun and positive way.

    “We read the Loveliest Loo aloud as a family and hugely enjoyed it. It had a lovely irreverent feel to it, whilst communicating the ideas around composting toilets in a way that never felt intrusive, and of course we fell about laughing with the sound effects necessary to convey the message. We read it a second time immediately. Loved it!.” The McLellan Family, Editors of the Barefoot Diaries.

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    Mandy has run a series of workshops both with adults and children using “The Loveliest Loo” as a starting point. These workshops had different aims depending upon the group and the context.

    The Loveliest Loo is twinned with a latrine in the Democratic Republic of Congo, through Toilet Twinning.